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A nice way to describe the Canary is to invite them to perceive and listen to what others say about it. The impact that he generates as a person, ensigned in his enormous humility and joy, is infinitely superior to what he has done or can continue to do in sports.

Every person who meets him (from any club, any school, any country, in short, any area) quickly realizes, at the first exchange of words or at any of his gestures, that he is a figure that one would always like to have close. . Not to mention forming a friendship, which, thanks to his warmth and simplicity, he gives you and makes you feel from the first visual contact you make with him.

A different one, in every way. Considered by many (if not all) the most important and beloved player in the history of our club, of course not only because of his sporting conditions but mainly because of his human values. Before such a character words are superfluous.


Let's enjoy it.

It is an honor to distinguish Agustín Oscar Gosio, someone who honors and shares ourViriliter Age. Without a doubt, a beacon of light in our community for all generations. Eternally THANK YOU Cani!

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