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As every year, we invite you to take a brief pause together to reflect and take time for yourself.


That is what “Walking with Jesus” is about, the motto that accompanies us in the retreat this year.

We invite you to enjoy this great meeting!

Any questions or queries you can contact Marcelo Dupont: 114557-2116; Perca Lanfranco: 113397-2112 or Hector Longinotti: 114423-5037.

No upcoming events at the moment



All, without exception, all those who have attended the Newman Alumni Retreats agree on the same thing: when describing them, putting into words what those meetings of barely two days at the La Montonera Retreat House in Pilar mean, the answer is the same: "I can't tell you, you have to experience it". 

Organized from Friday night until Sunday noon, the Ex-Student Retreats always work from a specific premise, a guiding concept that combines activities and talks, inviting "leave everything behind side" for a few days, and concentrate on yourself. 

Because of the testimonies of those who share their stories, because of their program, because of the moments that are lived, many of them intense in their spiritual dimension, these meetings move and move.

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