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"This madness started in 2011.
A few months before we had heard the Burs talking about the "family mission" at the closing of the family catechism for Fran, our son. It had seemed incredible to us. The Friday before Easter, the Sobrals, by "chance", told us that they were going on a mission... and there was room for us. Titanic fight for the boys to resign the field for this experience. Result? The four subsequent Holy Weeks found us with the Schoenstatt people on mission.
An incredible group of people, the boys already had their “mission” friends. 2017 did not have to be any different, until the Sobrals called us! What a fiaca to get out of the comfort of the known, but we couldn't say no! How not to share this experience with more families!
Adrian and Martina, two locomotives. First, talk to the Burs, who not only shared all their know-how with us, but also accompanied us all the way. We didn't have a priest or "Brother", we didn't have a kitchen, if it rained we couldn't go in, we were just two families... and Adrián, who had already visited Beguerie, insisted on going. Once we went to finalize the details, we realized that there was no turning back, they were waiting for us! In the town chapel, in front of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, to pray that God would take care of making the right families come, that we would have a priest, that it would not rain despite the forecast... and believe or burst, we had a priest who I wanted to start being a missionary now that I was grown up and didn't have a parish, they gave us a kitchen behind the school, 7 incredible families joined and added a lot.
A separate note for the boys, who alone organized the Via Crucis at night through the streets and mobilized almost the entire town. 
We get goosebumps thinking how one can be so well with so little. It seems that deep down we are not aware that what really makes us happy are the ties, with ourselves, our families, our friends, the people of Beguerie who open the doors of their house for you, invite you some mates and bare their heart, and of course with God, and his unconditional Love.
Although we were, as Adrián says, "delivered to Providence", I am sure that it manifested itself through the municipal delegate, the group of missionaries, and the Sobrals in particular. Martina and Adrián, behind every detail so that everything flowed and we could go on a mission. 51 people, 9 families, 1 team. We only have a huge thank you to the association for having been encouraged to open this possibility of going out to meet God in others."
- Loly Diez de Tejada.
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