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The youth and parents of Ricardo Rojas, the town where Father Jaime Morea (Distinguished Alumnus) works, live in conditions of extreme poverty. Despite the daily difficulties, they are convinced that the only way to get ahead is through education. 


But they can't alone. Can you help us? 

Ricardo Rojas is a town located to the northwest of Partido de Tigre, province of Buenos Aires, with a population of 20,000 inhabitants. It comprises three large villas:  Villa Trapito, Villa San Lorenzo and Villa Sarmiento, in a situation of extreme poverty. Family and economic realities are complicated in Ricardo Rojas. Meeting the basic necessities to live is a daily struggle, but the youth and parents who live there deeply believe in the importance of education.

We have the opportunity to put our "grain of sand",  assuming the mission of ensuring these kids, and those who come after, a decent education that allows them to progress and access opportunities such as those that we had.


  • Plant the seeds of training and the value of work from the last school years through workshops and experiential talks.

  • Generate spaces for technical and attitudinal training for personal and professional development.

  • Streamline the selection of candidates for job searches that are presented.

  • Consolidate accompaniment and follow-up schemes for neighborhood candidates who are in a job search.

  • Vocational training workshop for students.

  • Training Investing Pays Off in SPC

  • Candle Workshop, Carpentry, Sewing, etc..

Join to help!
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