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His name had long been listed as one of the Distinguished Alumnus candidates.

A man of deep faith, of overwhelming faith, who infects everyone close to him. One of his closest friends describes him as "the intimate friend of Jesus." From Lincoln, in the province of Buenos Aires, where he settled to work in the fields, he organized retreats, cenacles, a rugby team, all to transmit the values he received from the school. Paddy is also a staunch, unconditional fan of his beloved "León bordó", and he is always attentive to all the games of the first division.


As a husband, he had to go through a fierce crossroads with his wife's illness, being an example of conviction and values also in the face of adversity. As many argued the night he was awarded, a recognition "more than deserved." Paddy Seré, from litter 87.

A very special night: when receiving the award, Paddy asked everyone to hug each other.

Great moment of a night that no one will forget.

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