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At a recent event, in which Jaime Morea was to give a lecture, a former student said that he had come "to listen to Jesus."


Perhaps it is the best definition of our 2015 Distinguished Alumnus: listening to him, seeing him, being with Jaime Morea is being in the presence of Jesus.


“People adore him, want his advice, and Jaime has enormous patience to attend to everyone equally, with a lot of affection. Watching him act is spectacular. He does things thoroughly, with deep love and conviction," say those who know him.

Ordained a priest in 1994 by the Bishop of San Isidro, he was in different parishes of the diocese, including five years missioning in Cuba and helping in Haiti after the devastating earthquake. 


He is currently a parish priest in San Juan Bautista, a town in Ricardo Rojas, in Tigre. Jaime is a unique example of dedication, humility and love for others.

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