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A recognition granted "in memoriam", since Javier did not want him to be distinguished during his illness. He always wanted to fight for her, until the end, and his fight was exemplary and inspiring.


Those who knew him confirm that this Distinguished Former Student, litter 1993, never complained. When asked how he was doing with cancer, he repeated: "very good; honestly, I can't complain."


Excellent family man, man of values, generous and always attentive to those around him, superlative polo player, Javo won the Triple Crown in 2003 and the Argentine Open, twice won the Santa Paula Cup on behalf of Newman, 3 times the Copa Potrillos and the Copa República Argentina in 1990, integrating an impressive team together with his brothers and his father.


Married to Delfina Rodríguez Beccar, with whom he had four children, Javo was always a man of faith, a conciliator. He passed away at the age of 38, leaving alive his example of values that inspires everyone every day. 

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