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Consulted by the Alumni Association, one of his friends said: "Invent any excuse to meet him, he is a being from another galaxy"

Flex Tezanos Pinto is an agronomist, father of a family, a friend faithful to Christian values and an excellent person.​ "A person who does extraordinarily well ordinary things", he described Loli Díaz de Vivar, when presenting the award.

"Everything I have is a gift from God," Flex said upon receiving the award. Immediately afterwards, he talked about Agustín, a child in transit that he received at his home, he told how this boy changed his sensitivity, the lack of opportunities, the pain that Agustín must go through. With tears in his eyes, Flex wondered - and asked everyone present - if "we were doing enough for each other." 

"I ask God that all of us who have the opportunity to do something for others​ do our best to do our best to do things well, because not all of us have the same abilities, and we don't we all have the same gifts, but we do have to give our best for others".

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