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Unlike other litters, the 71st decided to honor their friendship of so many years, and the legacy of the Christian Brothers with the special and limited edition of a book that combined photos and texts with anecdotes and memories of an unforgettable time at school. . On the day of the celebration, Pedro Dhers, delegate of the class and member of the Alumni Association, shared a heartfelt speech that was followed closely by all the classes, including the youngest, who followed each sentence with great attention. An unforgettable night for an unforgettable litter too.


Congratulations, Litter 71!


01 GJ 1.jpg

Cristobal Aguirre

Anchorena Julián 

arata oscar

Gustavo Arauz

Arancet Peter,always present

asconapé martin

sugar martin

beckmann alfredo

Welcome John Paul

Beveraggi Walter

Beverati Jorge,always presentBonomi  Francisco

Bosch Wenceslaus

Bullrich Ricardo

Javier Bust

Carnota  Daniel

Casaux Alsina Jose,always present

Cullen Joaquin,always present

Chiesa Guillermo 

Cinque  Guillermo 

by Elizalde Gustavo

by Stefano Pablo

deane anthony

Dhers Peter

Duhau Alberto

dupont robert

Erize Eduardo

little martin

Gabriel Escalante


Luis Figueroa Alcorta

Julio Frugoni

John Garbers

Garcia Mansilla Pedro,always present

Garcia Romeu Fernando

Gilardi Enrique

Giusti Leopoldo

houssay alejandro

Jacob Christian,always present

Joost Newbery Carlos

Jutard Alberto

kalledey jorge

landaburu carlos

larocca carlos

Eduardo Lacarte

Lecaros Menendez Juan

Carlos,always present  Llauro  Roberto

Marian Maers

martin aurelio

Mayorga Francisco 

Mazzini Alberto,always present

pagan rogelio

Pavlovsky Alexander

Puffy Mario,always present

Peralta Ramos Ramiro

quaine john

Ramos Mejito Santiago

George Schenstrom

Shanly Marcelo

sosa fernando

Stuart Ricardo

Tassara Martin

Torres Aguero Marcelo

Ventura Rodolfo 

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